The Social Bonus is a discount on the electricity bill. It is regulated by the Government and
It aims to protect households considered vulnerable.
With the entry into force in October 2017 of Royal Decree 897/2017 the requirements change
to be entitled to the Social Bonus.
To benefit from the Social Bonus you must have the PVPC electricity tariff (with or without discrimination
time) and a power equal to or less than 10 kW in your usual home.
In addition, you must meet the requirements to be considered a vulnerable customer, customer
Severe vulnerable or severe vulnerable client at risk of social exclusion.
Alicante is a province with an area of ​​5817 km2 where different companies operate
Energy such as Endesa, Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, EDP and Viesgo. It is necessary to know that the
body that regulates the activity of this province is the Provincial Council of Alicante and
It is an area that belongs to the Autonomous Community of the Valencian Community.
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